5W 500mA relays are 10 x 3.7mm

Pickering 111 111P 111RF

Called the 111 Series, they all 6.6mm high and cover an area 3.7 x 10mm.

There is a base model (111), a low-cost version (111P) and an RF version designed for switching up to 1.5GHz (111RF).

111 and 111RF come in a metal can package, while 111P is in a plastic package that has an internal mu-metal screen.

“Magnetic screening is essential to avoid magnetic interaction problems. Interaction is usually measured as a percentage increase in the voltage required to operate a relay when two additional relays, stacked one each side, are themselves operated,” said the firm. “An unscreened device mounted on this pitch would have an interaction figure of around 40%. Relays of this size would therefore be totally unsuitable for applications where dense packing is required.” – Series 111 have an interaction figure of around 1%.

Pickering 111 111P 111RF

111 and 111P have four pins spaced at 2.54mm, while, to accommodate the internal coaxial screened path, the 111RF has two ground pins – bringing the pin count to six at a 1.5mm spacing.

Coils are 5V (500Ω) or 3V (200Ω), with or without an internal diode.

Capacitance is 1.5pF max for both closed-switch-to-coil and across-open-switch (other connections guarded).

Maximum initial contact resistance is 150mΩ with a typical life expectancy of 108 operations, company spokeswoman Poppy Moore told Electronics Weekly: that’s “31 years at 1Hz.”
This is with an end-of-life contact resistance of 1Ω, switching 10V at 10mA (resistive) or ‘cold’ switching, which drops to 106 operations at maximum resistive load.

Insulation resistance is >1012Ω and maximum contact voltage is 170V.

Standard operating temperature is across -20 to +85°C, however +125°C operation can be achieved if the coil drive voltage.

A maximum of 20G (gravity) vibration and 50G shock can be withstood.

If more power has to be handles in the same frootprint, the taller Series 110 and Series 112 are available.

Pickering reed relay products are available in the UK from Rapid Electronics or Pickering’s Essex factory.