2W isolated dc-dc works up to 95°C

Recom_RKZE 2W isolated dc-dc

The RKZE series is rated at 3kVdc isolation in standard form , or up to 4kVdc (factory tested) in the /H version.

Nominal input voltage options are: 5, 12, 15 or 24Vdc

Single or dual outputs are available, with optional continuous short circuit protection (/P version). The output choice is 5, 9, 12 or 15V single, or ±5, ±12 or ±15 dual.

“EN62368-1 certification and EN55032 EMC compliances make these converters ready for easy integration into any IoT and Industry 4.0 pcb design,” claimed the firm.

The converters are pin-compatible with the firm’s RK and RH converter series, and therefore offer a straight-forward way to upgrade to a 2W high isolation supply from 1W.

Applications are expected in demanding environments for industrial, test and measurement applications, as well as high-volume manufacturing.