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Series 84 Emergency Stop Switches

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Series 84 Emergency Stop Switches

EAO's versatile series 84 product range is suitable for a wide selection of industrial applications

The Series 84 switches from EAO offer a unique, modern range of attractive human-machine interface (HMI) products suitable for a wide array of industrial applications. Its innovative illumination options and IP67 protection make these products ideal for use in harsh environments.

Standard illumination is offered by way of sunlight-readable LEDs offering durability and longevity. This option evenly disperses illumination in a variety of colors across the pushbutton lens to promote a uniform, consistent appearance without the presence of notorious hot spots.

Both halo and ring illumination provide an attractive and contemporary look. These units are offered in single or bicolored variants and can be used where machine operators require status indication to be straightforward and visible. The series 84 halo also has a version specially designed for SMD LEDs providing maximum flexibility in PCB assembly. In addition to a discrete bicolor LED placed behind the center lens of the switch, this alternative affords the possibility to display different colors all within a single indicator.

Similarly, EAO’s series 84 compact halo has the capability to display multiple status indications within a single unit. Along with multi-colored illumination, preprogrammed animated sequences provide an additional end-user benefit. Animations are available in chasing/rotating, blinking, fading, and constant-on sequences. These multi-functional units can often help designers reduce the need for additional switches and indicators and help minimize panel space requirements.

Series 84 emergency stop switches provide a compact, space-saving design ideal for applications where back-panel depth is at a minimum. With a behind-panel depth of 18 mm maximum, these components fit newer electronic applications with compact control panels. These series 84 emergency stop switches are sealed to IP65 and feature single mono-block, fail-safe construction with a twist-to-release actuator allowing for benefits that include single part numbers for a complete unit, ease of installation, and a secure, reliable, fool-proof design.

  • Attractive design and reliable operation
  • Pushbuttons, indicators, and emergency stop switches
  • 22.5 mm diameter industry standard mounting
  • Switching voltage: 50 mVAC/DC to 42 VAC/DC
  • Cycles of operation: 1 million
  • IP67 front/rear protection for pushbuttons and indicators; IP65 for e-stops
  • Gold-plated, silver alloy contacts
  • Animated pushbutton illumination options for a wide range of applications
  • Available with soldered, plug, or PCB terminals and flat ribbon cabling
  • E-stops offer mono-block, fail-safe construction; meet ISO 13850 requirements
  • Machinery and industrial automation
  • Food and beverage
  • Packaging systems
  • Process automation
  • Measurement and controls
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Medical equipment
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