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Series 14 Indicators, Pushbuttons, Switches, and Buzzers

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Series 14 Indicators, Pushbuttons, Switches, and Buzzers

EAO's IP67 rated Series 14 products provide dependable performance in adverse conditions

The Series 14 indicators, pushbuttons, switches, and buzzers from EAO have an impressive, timeless design for flush (22.5 mm) or raised mounting (30.5 mm) in accordance with industrial standards. In addition to their high degree of protection (IP67), the series 14 products also provide excellent tactile feedback and reliable switching, even in low-voltage and low current applications. These two characteristics are distinctly beneficial when designing the modern, complex operator panels often found within the requirements of today’s machinery. The series 14 product series include indicators, pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, mushroom-head pushbuttons, keylock switches, selector switches, and buzzers.

Combined with a compact construction and a service life of up to 2 million cycles of operation, high-grade materials, and consistent illumination, these switches and indicators are ideal for the sophisticated requirements of modern applications.

Typical applications include industrial equipment, process automation, panel building, lifting and moving, transportation, construction machinery, and specialty vehicles.

  • 22.5 mm or 30.5 mm diameter industry standard mounting
  • Raised or flush mount bezel styles
  • High IP67 protection
  • Up to 4 NO and 4 NC contacts
  • Switch rating from 10 µA to 5 A
  • Long service life: up to 2 million cycles of operation
  • UL, CSA, CCC, and ROHS approved
  • Globally recognized complete, single part numbers available
  • Simple and efficient parametric product selector
  • Library of online technical resources
  • Machinery and industrial automation
  • Food and beverage
  • Packaging systems
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Lifting and moving
  • Robotics and automated equipment
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