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Giga-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors

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Giga-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors

Knowles Johanson's Giga-Trim trimmer capacitors provide a straightforward technique for fine RF and microwave circuits

Knowles Johanson Manufacturing's Giga-Trims are tiny trimmer capacitors that provide a straightforward technique for fine RF and microwave circuits by eliminating time-consuming methods of abrasive trimming, cut and try adjustment techniques, and interchange of fixed capacitors.

The design evolved from the need for a virtually indestructible miniature trimmer with superior electrical characteristics. Giga-Trim capacitors withstand the rigors of soldering heat, excessive tuning, and rough handling. As a result of the excellent dielectric and insulation properties of the sapphire housing, high breakdown voltage is achieved. Incorporating the patented self-locking constant torque drive mechanism which eliminates the need for external bushing slots, the new Giga-Trim offers many improvements: a fixed length, increased Q, essentially zero tuning noise, and reduced susceptibility to solder flux intrusion during installation.

  • Working voltage: 500 VDC (1000 VDC test)
  • Long rotational life
  • Insulation resistance: >106 MΩ
  • Temperature range: -65°C to +125°C
  • RoHS compliant
  • RF amplifier
  • Impedance matching
  • Crystal trimming
  • Interstage coupling
  • Filter tuning
  • Giga-Trim Handling Instructions
  • Giga-Trim Solder Pad Layouts
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