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Functional Handles

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Functional Handles

Davies Molding's functional and robust handles have individually equip-able functions open for labeling

Davies Molding's functional handles are industrial handles with switching and/or closing functions. Functional elements incorporated in the housing make these suitable for applications where locks with interlocks are used. Since the elements are not connected, individual control functions can be implemented allowing users to carry out switching functions and/or closing functions as required.

  • Robust handles with individually equip-able functions open for labeling
  • Illuminable handle ledges; LED green, yellow, and red are used to display the operating status of the machine
  • A keypad and/or in combination with transponder, or with an integrated pneumatic valve
  • IP65 with screwed coupling
  • Solenoid tumbler for sliding and hinged doors
  • Switch housing in solid design, fully equipped with push buttons or emergency stop
  • Emergency stop; unlighted with either 2 NC contacts or 1 NC contact and red ring light or with 2 NC and 1 NO contacts
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